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The Impacts of DWI in New Jersey

The Costly Consequences of a DUI Conviction in Atlantic County

The legal penalties of a DWI conviction entail costly consequences, including loss of your driver’s license and possible jail time, but a DWI conviction has further impacts on your life. To avoid such impacts on your auto insurance, your job, and your livelihood, it pays off to retain professional legal representation from a lawyer you can trust.

The impacts are greater than you might initially expect. Insurance carriers commonly completely drop insurance for individuals who have been convicted of DWI. Without insurance, it is illegal for you to drive. You would have to apply for coverage under the New Jersey Personal Auto Insurance Plan (PAIP), which is “high risk” auto insurance designed for drivers with DMV points or accidents and who are not eligible for private auto insurance.

Additionally, if your license is suspended in New Jersey, you do not have the option of obtaining a provisional/hardship license to drive in New Jersey. If your job depends on your ability to drive, the loss of your license could have devastating consequences.

Contact me, attorney John W. Tumelty, today if you have been charged with DWI in the Atlantic City area or anywhere in South Jersey.

I can examine your case thoroughly and advocate vigorously to help you keep your driver’s license. As your defense attorney, I will work on your behalf to minimize or avoid all potential impacts of a DWI, including:

  • Impacts on your insurance
  • Impacts on your career/job
  • Other commonly overlooked effects such as:
    • A civil lawsuit, if there were damages or injuries involved
    • Harm to others and resulting grief
    • Car repair
    • Social stigma
    • Ignition interlock device installation
    • Possible probation

Gain Protection, Reduce the Impacts of DWI, Keep Your Driver’s License

Your legal rights deserve protection. Upfront, it may seem that retaining legal representation from a highly qualified professional is expensive, but if you consider the high costs of the penalties (fines, jail time, community service, and installation and monthly payments on an ignition interlock device) along with the exhaustive negative impacts of DWI, hiring an experienced Atlantic City DWI attorney to fight the charges against you is vital to your livelihood.

I have been practicing criminal and traffic law for more than 30 years in South Jersey. I am a former state prosecutor, a former Atlantic County prosecutor and a New Jersey Supreme Court-certified criminal defense attorney. I can work efficiently and effectively for your best possible result.

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