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Cumberland County, New Jersey, DWI Lawyer

My name is John W. Tumelty, a criminal defense attorney who has been handling DWI cases for 30 years. I am in Cumberland County municipal courts nearly every day, defending people accused of DWI, DUI drug and other charges. I have a record of success in DWI cases, and I will do everything I can to obtain a positive outcome for you.

Don’t think that your case is lost before speaking with me. Many DUI cases can be won by identifying flaws in the state’s case. Did the police have probable cause to stop you? Were field sobriety tests properly conducted? Do the breath test results accurately measure your blood alcohol content?

The answer to these or other questions may provide the key to getting a dismissal of the charge or reduction to a nonalcohol driving offense.

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A Former Prosecutor and an Aggressive Defense Lawyer

I am a former state prosecutor and a former assistant prosecutor with the Atlantic County prosecutor’s office. In those positions and as a DWI defense lawyer, I learned how to identify the weaknesses in the state’s evidence. I will use my experience and skills to defend your rights and liberty.

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