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DWI and How It Impacts Your Insurance

Will My Auto Insurance Rates Rise After a DUI?

If you are convicted of DWI, your current auto insurance provider will raise your premium costs. Although there is no doubt that your costs will rise, questions remain about how much your premium costs will rise and if your insurance provider will drop your policy. In New Jersey, I have seen close to a 50/50 split over the years in whether drivers who are convicted of DWI lose their auto insurance or not.

Do not take the risk. Consult with an experienced and aggressive Atlantic County DWI defense attorney today. Contact me, attorney John W. Tumelty, if you have been charged with DUI in the Atlantic City area or anywhere in South Jersey for a free initial consultation about your charges.

Real Impacts on Your Ability to Drive

In New Jersey, the effects of DWI on your insurance can be severe detriments to your lifestyle and your career. Your insurance provider could react in one of several ways once it discovers you were convicted of DWI, including:

  • Cancel or decline to renew your policy
  • Restrict coverage provisions
  • Increase your premiums

At a minimum, the provider will increase your premiums. Your next premium could rise by 100 percent or more, and that price could last for two or three years depending on your driving history and payment history.

If your policy is canceled, not renewed or priced out of your budget, you can seek coverage from an insurer that specializes in insuring high-risk drivers. One option is the state of New Jersey insurance program the New Jersey Personal Auto Insurance Plan (PAIP). Such policies, known as nonstandard, usually have higher premiums also.

The impacts are greater than you might think, especially when you consider the hindrance on your ability to drive with freedom and get to work or do your job. Work with a lawyer who has a history of success.

Work With Experience. Protect Your Rights.

I have been practicing criminal and traffic law for more than 30 years in South Jersey. I am a former state prosecutor, a former Atlantic County prosecutor and a New Jersey Supreme Court-certified criminal defense attorney. As your defense attorney, I can protect your rights and strive for your best possible result with a customized, cost-effective strategy.

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