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DWI by Roadblocks and Checkpoints

If you have been pulled over at a roadblock and charged with DWI, you have a right to determine whether the checkpoint was set up legally. If not, it may be possible to get your charges thrown out. An experienced attorney can make sure your case is fully investigated.

I am John W. Tumelty, an Atlantic City DWI lawyer with 30 years of criminal and traffic law experience. I am a former New Jersey Deputy Attorney General with the Division of Criminal Justice and a former Assistant Prosecutor with the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office. If you’ve been charged with DWI after getting stopped at a roadblock, contact me for a free consultation. I have offices in Atlantic and Cape May counties.

Were You Stopped at an Illegal Roadblock?

Police departments in South Jersey frequently use roadblocks to try to catch people who are driving drunk after leaving bars and restaurants or going home from the shore. At a roadblock, the police may stop every vehicle or just some vehicles to check for violations.

There are very stringent requirements that police departments must follow and authorizations they must receive before they are allowed to set up roadblocks.

If the police did not have the correct authorization to put up a checkpoint at the specific place where you were pulled over at the specific time of the stop, it may be possible to show that they did not have probable cause to stop you and charge you with DWI. The police must meet several other requirements in order to set up a lawful DWI checkpoint.

If you hire me to defend you against a DWI charge after getting stopped at a roadblock or checkpoint, I will carefully investigate your case to determine whether it is possible to get the evidence against you thrown out. For a free consultation call me today at 6069-390-4600 to discuss your DWI defense options.

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