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Atlantic City & Cape May Computer Crimes & Internet Crimes Lawyer

As technology grows, so do computer-related crimes. In this new area of law, enforcement is a difficult task and it can be hard to know exactly where the law begins and ends. I am Attorney John W. Tumelty and I have practiced criminal law for 30 years. I am a New Jersey Supreme Court Certified Criminal Trial Attorney. I am a former N.J. Deputy Attorney General (state prosecutor) and former Atlantic County Assistant Prosecutor. I represent persons accused throughout the State of New Jersey on all computer and internet crimes including child pornography and ID theft.

Let a Former Prosecutor Help You

It is common for a person with a clean background to find himself involved with an internet sting for a computer crime such as child porn. This type of crime has the potential for jail, probation, and Megan’s Law. You need a tough and experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you with respect to any type of computer sex crime. I represent persons charged with a variety of internet crime including:

  • Child Pornography
  • ID Theft
  • Credit Card Theft

I have 30 years experience as a former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. I am certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a Criminal Trial Attorney. I have seen the area of computer crimes emerge into a common occurrence. I know how to investigate these cases and build a strong defense.


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