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Atlantic County Speeding Ticket Attorney & Cape May Traffic Violations Lawyer

Most people give little thought to speeding tickets beyond the aggravation that comes from having to pay the fine associated with them. But, speeding tickets can have a significant negative impact that can last for years including:

  • Driver’s license suspension
  • Insurance rate increases

Depending on the number of points that you have on your driver’s license currently and the number of points that the speeding ticket carries, you may also be facing a suspension of your driving privileges.

Taking the time to defend yourself against traffic violations can save you substantial amounts of money and inconvenience over time. A skilled traffic attorney can help you avoid unnecessary complications resulting from a speeding ticket.

Exceptional Criminal Defense From a Former Prosecutor With 30 Years of Experience

I am criminal defense lawyer John W. Tumelty. I have been practicing criminal law for more than 30 years. I am a New Jersey Supreme Court certified criminal trial attorney. I have also served as a Deputy Attorney General in the New Jersey Attorney General’s office, Division of Criminal Justice and as an Assistant County Prosecutor for the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office, Trial Section. My experience working in the courts of our area for the past several decades allows me to provide exceptional representation to all of my clients.

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When a speeding ticket is threatening your driving record, you need to ensure that your rights receive the full protection they deserve. My decades of experience and the knowledge I have acquired both as a prosecutor and as a criminal defense attorney allow me to provide my clients with an exceptional defense against speeding tickets in Atlantic City or anywhere else in Southern New Jersey. To schedule a free initial consultation with Atlantic County speeding ticket lawyer John Tumelty, call 609-390-4600 today.

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