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Possession of Drugs in a Motor Vehicle – Atlantic, Ocean, & Cape May County Criminal Defense

Concerned About the Drug Possession Charges You May Be Facing?

In addition to the charges you can face for drug possession, you may face additional charges if you are in possession of those drugs within an automobile that you are operating. If you are pulled over by law enforcement and during the course of that traffic stop they find drugs, you will be facing serious charges that can carry a two-year suspension of your driving privileges in addition to the other penalties.

As with all drug charges, the drugs themselves are an essential element for a prosecutor to secure a conviction on a drug charge. The fourth amendment to the constitution protects us from unreasonable searches and seizures. That amendment has been interpreted to mean that a police officer must have probable cause to stop you and search your car. If a probable cause cannot be shown, the drugs will be inadmissible as evidence and the charges will most likely be dropped.

Effective Defense Strategies for Clients in Atlantic City & South Jersey

I am Atlantic City criminal defense attorney John W. Tumelty. I understand how to create effective defense strategies for clients who are facing charges of possessing drugs while operating a motor vehicle. My  30 years of criminal law experience can help me build a case that protects your rights and which is designed to secure the best possible resolution to your case.

I have experience as both a state and a county prosecutor here in New Jersey and I use that insight into how a prosecutor would approach a case to create real advantages for my clients.

Ensure Your Rights When Facing Possession of Drugs Charges

When you are facing charges related to possession of drugs in an automobile, you need to ensure that your rights and your future receive the full protection they deserve. My decades of experience and the knowledge I have acquired both as a prosecutor and as a criminal defense attorney allows me to provide my clients with an exceptional defense against possession of drugs in a motor vehicle in Atlantic City or anywhere else in Southern New Jersey. To schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your options, call me now at 609-390-4600.

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