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Self-Defense Law

If you have been charged with a violent crime because of something you did out of self-defense, it may be possible to successfully defend the charges against you or get them dismissed. The law of self-defense is complex, so you should talk to an experienced lawyer right away.

I am John W. Tumelty, an Atlantic City self-defense attorney representing clients throughout South Jersey who have been charged with assault and other violent crimes. To schedule a free consultation, contact me today. I have offices in Atlantic County and Cape May County.

Understanding How Self-Defense Works in Criminal Cases

In order to convict you of a crime, the prosecutors need to prove not only that you committed all of the elements of the crime but also that you have no valid defenses against the charges. Self-defense is a defense against violent criminal charges such as the following:

If you can prove that you reasonably believed you needed to use physical force in order to defend yourself, you cannot be convicted of a crime. However, you should be careful when asserting self-defense and always talk to a lawyer before making any statements to the police.

I have been practicing criminal law in New Jersey for more than 30 years and am a New Jersey Supreme Court certified criminal trial attorney. Don’t hesitate to call me at 609-390-4600 to discuss asserting self-defense and other possible options for fighting your charges.

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