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Ocean City DWI Attorney

Ocean City, New Jersey, is a very popular summer tourist destination in Cape May County, New Jersey, and is known as a great family resort. Ocean City is a barrier island located at the northern end of Cape May County. Ocean City offers five miles of beautiful beaches, parks and an entertaining boardwalk. The boardwalk is approximately three and a half miles long with amusement parks, arcades, restaurants and gift shops. Ocean City is a dry town as far as liquor goes. There are well-established blue laws in Ocean City that prohibit liquor licenses and liquor establishments from existing in the city. So you cannot purchase alcohol in Ocean City either in a packaged goods store or in a bar/restaurant. You are not permitted to bring your own alcohol to restaurants.

There are two main roads leading into Ocean City: over the 9th Street Bridge and 34th Street Bridge. There are several liquor stores, bars, and restaurants right outside of Ocean City at the foot of either bridge. There are many tourists and local residents who patronize the surrounding liquor establishments and drive into Ocean City after a night of festivities. The Ocean City Police Department is vigilant in monitoring the inflow of traffic to the city especially late at night. The Ocean City Police conduct regular DWI patrols focusing on cars coming into the city late at night. There are usually police cars sitting near the 9th Street Bridge and 34th Street Bridge. The police make many traffic stops of cars coming into Ocean City, New Jersey, at these locations. The car stops frequently result in DWI arrests and car searches. The state typically builds a DWI case based on the operation of the car, field sobriety tests, breath tests and/or blood tests.

An effective DUI attorney must be prepared to cross-examine the arresting police officer about the defendant’s driving capability, field sobriety tests, and the scientific evidence. The attorney must be experienced in challenging the police officers credibility in undermining the weight and admissibility of the evidence.

Attorney John Tumelty is an Ocean City native who practices DWI defense work in Ocean City Municipal Court. He is an Ocean City High School graduate (Class of 1975) and has spent his entire life in the Ocean City, New Jersey area. Mr. Tumelty appears in Ocean City Municipal Court weekly defending DWI cases.

Contact the Law Offices of John W. Tumelty for a free consultation today at 609-390-4600.  He is happy to discuss with you what it takes to successfully defend a DUI case.

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