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Winslow Township DWI/DUI Lawyer

All DWI offenses issued out of Winslow Township, Camden County, NJ are handled in Winslow Township Municipal Court. Winslow Township Municipal Court is located at 125 S. Route 73, Braddock, New Jersey. Janice Fitting is the court administrator and the court phone number is 609-561-6183.

The Winslow Township Police Department is aggressive in monitoring traffic on the major roadways, including motorists going to and coming from the jersey shore. The police conduct many car stops that result in numerous DWI tickets issued each year in Winslow Township. A DWI offense is a traffic offense (not criminal) in New Jersey. However, there are big fines and penalties, including a mandatory loss of license and potential jail time.

Winslow Township DUI Attorney John W. Tumelty is a former state prosecutor with the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office and former assistant prosecutor with the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office. Mr. Tumelty is a New Jersey Supreme Court-Certified Criminal Trial Attorney with 30 years of courtroom experience. Mr. Tumelty knows how a prosecutor prepares a DWI case for court and he knows what it takes to defend a DWI case starting with the initial probable cause for the car stop and field sobriety tests. This includes challenging the scientific evidence from an Alcotest machine (breath test) or a blood test. If you have been arrested and charged with a DUI out of Winslow Township, please contact former prosecutor John W. Tumelty for a free consultation today at 609-390-4600.

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