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Ventnor DUI or DWI Attorney

Ventnor DWI attorney, John W. Tumelty, concentrates on representing persons charged with DWI offenses in Ventnor City and other municipalities in Atlantic County, NJ. Attorney John W. Tumelty is a former state prosecutor with the NJ Attorney General’s Office and former assistant prosecutor with the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office. Mr. Tumelty has been practicing DWI law and criminal law in NJ for more than 30 years. He is an NJ Supreme Court-certified trial attorney.

Most individuals believe they have to plead guilty just because they are charged with a DWI. Do not assume that there are no defenses. There are many ways to challenge and attack the state’s evidence in DUI cases. From a defense attorney’s perspective, the analysis begins with a look at whether the police had probable cause to stop your car and probable cause to make an arrest for DWI. Mr. Tumelty typically challenges the police officer’s right to initiate a car stop and subsequent arrest for DWI. The field sobriety tests are not that reliable. The field sobriety tests must be administered in accordance with the strict protocol of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Any deviation from the required protocol can affect the credibility of the tests. If there are Alcotest readings in your case, don’t assume that you are automatically guilty. The Alcotest readings are not bulletproof. There are several ways to attack the Alcotest readings.

The Ventnor City Municipal Court is located at 6201 Atlantic Avenue, Ventnor. The court administrator is Deborah J. Havrilchak. The presiding judge is Mary Siracusa, J.M.C. The municipal court prosecutor is Michael Mosca, Esquire. The website is

If you have been arrested and charged with DUI in Ventnor, you need an aggressive and experienced DWI attorney. Please do not hesitate to contact The Law Offices of John W. Tumelty today at 609-390-4600.  Mr. Tumelty is available 24/7  to discuss your case.

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