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Northfield, New Jersey, DWI Attorney

The city of Northfield is located in the heart of Atlantic County, New Jersey. The Northfield Police Department issues many DWI tickets each year. The DWI arrests result from DWI roadblocks and routine traffic stops in the city of Northfield. The Northfield Municipal Court and police department are located at 1600 Shore Road, Northfield, NJ.

Northfield DWI defense attorney John W. Tumelty is a former state prosecutor and former Assistant Atlantic County Prosecutor.  He has been practicing DWI and criminal law for 30 years in and around the city of Northfield, Atlantic County. Mr. Tumelty knows how a prosecutor builds a DWI case and he knows how to take one apart. Mr. Tumelty does an aggressive forensic examination of all relevant facts in the case. This includes an evaluation of whether the police had probable cause to stop the vehicle and make an arrest for suspicion of DUI. He has been educated on the National Highway Traffic Safety Guidelines on field sobriety tests. He is experienced in cross-examining police officers on the proper way to give balance tests and sobriety tests and is also well-versed in all defenses relating to the Alcotest machine.

If you have been charged with a DWI or refusal ticket in Northfield, please do not hesitate to contact criminal attorney, John Tumelty.  He is reachable 24/7 to discuss the facts of your case. He will present the best legal strategy for avoiding a DWI conviction and loss of license. To speak with an experienced attorney, call 609-390-4600 now.

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