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Longport DWI or DUI Lawyer

Longport DWI/DUI lawyer John W. Tumelty defends DWI and DUI cases in Longport Municipal Court. Longport is a borough in Atlantic County, New Jersey, on the Atlantic Ocean shore of Absecon Island. Longport is a popular summer vacation destination and is located in close proximity to Atlantic City. There is a high volume of motorists who pass through Longport on their way to Margate and Atlantic City. The Longport Police Department frequently conducts DWI checkpoints, especially in the area of Atlantic Avenue and Ventnor Avenue. The Longport Police Department makes numerous DWI arrests each year.

Longport DUI cases are scheduled for court in Longport Municipal Court. The Court is located at borough hall, 2305 Atlantic Avenue, Longport, New Jersey 08403. The municipal court clerk’s office is 609-822-2147. Longport Court is in session the second and fourth Tuesday of each month.

DWI defense lawyer John Tumelty has successfully defended many individuals charged with DWI offenses in Longport, New Jersey. Mr. Tumelty is a former state prosecutor and former Atlantic County prosecutor and has over 30 years of experience in handling DWI and DUI cases as a former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. Mr. Tumelty has a proven track record of fighting and winning DWI cases.

If you or a family member has been charged with a DWI / DUI offense in Longport call today. 609-390-4600.

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