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Brigantine DUI Lawyer

The city of Brigantine’s police department makes many arrests each year for DUI or DWI offenses. The Brigantine Police routinely patrol the Brigantine Blvd. Bridge, which is the main route in and out of the city. Many people return to Brigantine after a night at the casinos and casino nightclubs. This results in car stops and DUI or DWI arrests on the Brigantine Blvd. Bridge causeway.

A Brigantine DWI or DUI offense is a traffic offense, not a criminal offense. However, the penalties for a DWI conviction are severe. Consequences include a mandatory license suspension, possibility of county jail, ignition interlock requirement, alcohol classes, community service, monetary fines, and penalties.

Attorney John W. Tumelty concentrates on defending persons charged with DWIs in the city of Brigantine. Attorney John W. Tumelty is a former state prosecutor and former assistant prosecutor with the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office. Mr. Tumelty has more than 30 years practicing criminal law and DWI law in Atlantic County, New Jersey. Mr. Tumelty is available day and night for a free consultation regarding your DWI charge.

The Brigantine Municipal Court is located at 1417 W. Brigantine Avenue, Brigantine, NJ.

The presiding judge is Henry G. Broome, Jr. The court administrator is Michele Danenhower. The municipal court prosecutor is William Gasbarro, Esquire. The e-mail address can be found at

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