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New Jersey woman arrested for DWI after speeding stop

Earlier this month, police pulled over a 24-year-old woman on Route 15 in Sparta, New Jersey for speeding. She was traveling 76 mph in a 55 mph zone. After failing field sobriety tests at the scene, she was arrested for DWI.

The woman now faces DWI and speeding charges. Her arrest exemplifies how one traffic offense can often lead to another. She was initially pulled over for speeding, but ended up being arrested for the more serious charge of DWI.

New Jersey’s traffic point system

New Jersey’s Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) employs a point system for moving violations. A certain number of points are added to a driver’s driving record based on the offense committed.

If a driver receives six or more points within three years, he or she must pay a fine. After 12 or more points, the driver’s license is suspended. Points might also increase a driver’s car insurance payments. Drivers can have points removed from their records by avoiding any violations for a year or by completing MVC-approved courses. A record of violations, however, will always remain on the driver’s history.

Drivers who are charged with driving under the influence receive points as a penalty in addition to any charges stemming from the DUI. In the woman’s case, for example, she could face penalties for the DWI, but she will also receive points for her speeding violation. She was driving 21 mph over the speed limit. According to the MVC, this violation could grant her four points.

These points will remain on her record even after she has completed everything required of her by her DWI penalties.

Source: New Jersey Herald, “Speeding stop leads to DWI arrest,” August 8, 2012.

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