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Law Enforcement Cracking Down on Jersey Shore Crime

Police in South Jersey are really trying to crack down on criminal activity along the Jersey Shore as local officials look to improve the area’s image and increase its appeal to families and tourists.

For example, officials in Wildwood NJ have declared that law enforcement will be focusing on younger people who are throwing noisy parties. In particular, Wildwood police will be targeting underage drinking by juveniles in the area.

Meanwhile, Point Pleasant law enforcement has a new directive to go after anyone caught speeding, parking illegally, or committing any other type of traffic offense.

Additionally, officials in Seaside Heights NJ are looking to impose an outright ban on any type of loud music being played on the beach.

So why are authorities in these Jersey Shore municipalities focusing on crime and other types of behavior that frustrate both tourists and locals? One reason cited by officials is the popularity of the MTV series “Jersey Shore,” a reality show that depicted the real-life Jersey Shore as a place for lewd – and occasionally criminal – behavior. The show, which featured several reality TV stars living in a Seaside Heights beach house, made the area a major tourist attraction for thousands of people who flock to the Jersey Shore each summer in search of parties, but it also encouraged the type of conduct that local law enforcement would just as soon discourage.

The recent efforts of South Jersey authorities to change the image of the Jersey Shore towns will undoubtedly take some time. In the meantime, visitors to the Jersey Shore can expect to see an increased law enforcement presence.

For additional information, check out the article, “Ranking Jersey Shore Towns for Crimes, Traffic Fines, and Other Trouble.”


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